Data is the most valuable asset of any company. The amount of digital data produced by businesses of any size and kind is continuously increasing. Our bespoke software enables all customers with massive dataset repositories to make information discoveries and to perform interpretations using our sophisticated analysis tools. Knowledge is power and it creates more revenue.
We focus on helping and supporting small and medium enterprise in all sectors that are currently affected by data flooding. We can provide our Customers with the best solution to create revenue from their data and to maximise ROI.


Oil and Gas industry


  • In the last few years, the Oil and Gas industry has focused on data management with an increasing demand for effective data-driven decision-making digital processes; this trend highlights the importance of good quality data management. The proliferation of attempts from software developers to address this problem shows the urgent need for more effective digital data quality improvements and information extraction and interpretation.
  • Our first customer is Sensalytx, a highly specialised company that addresses the expert interpretation of very large sets of Distributed Optical Sensing (DOS) data. Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS).